Motivated by the science of fitness, Tracie Hendricks embodies a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness from the inside out. Her ethos: train for functionality; your aesthetic is the byproduct. She has spent the better part of her career creating and perfecting an approach that effects change through a precise understanding of how the body works and what the soul and spirit respond to. Marked by compassion, determination, stalwart perseverance and the desire to help others, Tracie has stepped out among her peers as an expert in the field. Come for the ride, stay for the finish line. 




People are raving! Here's what they are saying...



"I used to watch Tracie Hendricks' class from the outside, thinking it was too challenging to even attempt as I marveled at just how fast that class was moving and how much they were doing. But one day I got up the courage to try -- and I was a goner from that day. Those mornings became an anticipated ritual for me, something to work my week around to make sure I never missed it. It's rare when you find an instructor who perfectly balances expertise and energy, always pushing you to just beyond your limits and encouraging you to get there. Tracie is that person. She is not a passive, walk-around, yell-but-don't-do coach. She's down in there, challenging herself along with you, which inspires. My body responded but, honestly, my spirit did, too, as those mornings turned into a sweaty, endorphin-unleashing destination for me each week. I was heartbrokenwhen we lost Tracie to New York City. I haven't found another instructor or class with that same kind of all-over uplift since." Michael Moses- NBC Universal 


"Tracie is the finest physical instructor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She lives, eats and breathes fitness and it shows. Her high energy and knowledge is so motivating. If you're serious about transforming your body, Tracie Hendricks is your girl." Yvette Nelson- Model/Actress


"A diverse and intense work out that brings out the dancer in everyone. Fun and fierce, Tracie's workout is challenging to all fitness levels. After the class you feel invigorated and stronger than when you first walked in."  Ali - Director of Beauty, Lebhar-Friedman


"Tracie pushes you to find the strength you never thought you had AND she plays the best music!" Gina - Owner of the Gina Le Salon


"Working out with Tracie has not only changed the way I work out, but my ability to push beyond what I ever knew was possible is the greatest gift. One amazing lady...get it while you can!" Robyn-CEO & President, The Mixx


"Tracie is a great motivator and knows exactly when to push you. She is knowledgeable about how the body works and what will give you the greatest burn and it burns in the best way- no safe words necessary. I could not want more in a trainer/teacher; she is an expert in her field." Alan - Real Estate Agent


"Do yourselves a favor a take a Tracie Hendricks' class. She hits the key areas in your body and does a super job at it! Gooo now!!" Allan M. 


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